Marriage Retreats(m)

Our Intensive Marriage Retreats

We provide a unique, practical and efficient way for you to focus on your relationship. You and your partner are the only “attendees,” which is why we call them Intensive Marriage Retreats.

Set in relaxing Vermont, our¬†Intensive Marriage Retreats give you the chance to spend a long, concentrated block of time working on your relationship. During and after your Intensive session, you’ll have ample time to practice and reflect on what you’ve learned, and enjoy time together in our wonderful Vermont location.

Highlights of Our Intensive Retreats:

  • Just the two of you – safe, comfortable, focused just on your unique needs

  • Ideal after an affair crisis, or to quickly get going on improvement, or to address long term troubles

  • Husband and wife therapy team available

  • Concentrated, practical, focused

We offer two Intensive Marriage Retreat options: Our three-hour sessions are designed for couples seeking to get a concentrated quick start on couples counseling. Our six- and nine-hour marriage retreats seek to help couples looking to repair persistent problems or recover from extramarital affairs in a compassionate and objective setting.

An Intensive Marriage Retreat Can Help You:

  • Improve communication

  • Start to recover after an affair – including rebuilding trust & understanding “why”

  • Get a quick start on improving your relationship

  • Understand relationship obstacles and how to overcome them

  • Improve collaboration and resolve conflicts

For those of you who desire a longer retreat, we can sometimes schedule retreats over three or four days.We reserve several blocks of time each month for retreats, so we can often schedule your retreat soon after your call.To begin helping your relationship, please call 802-865-9886, email us, Email is insecure on route. Our response will be emailed. Please submit only if you are comfortable with this.