The Intensive Marriage Retreat Experience

The Intensive Marriage Retreats are a unique way for you to escape your daily routine and focus on your relationship. We help you to identify and understand key obstacles to closeness and then work with you to overcome those obstacles.

Marriage Intensive Retreats are goal-oriented marriage retreats; we help you to focus on solutions, rather than dwell on problems. Our counseling is simple, direct, calm and practical. We focus on the present and future rather than the distant past. We work to make the sessions comfortable for both partners and our down-to-earth style will help you quickly feel at ease.

Our Vermont setting, combined with the concentrated nature of the Intensive Retreat format, helps you connect, change and heal. Having time to relax before and after your session gives you a chance to reflect and enjoy each other’s company.

We’ll give you practical skills based on your unique relationship and personalities. We’ll help you work on anger, improve collaboration, resolve conflicts, and create and maintain closeness. Intensives help you gain perspective on yourself and your relationship. Each of you will become more aware of your own contributions to your relationship – both to its problems and its strengths – and be given practical ways to change problem behavior.

The demands of careers and family can make it tough to schedule regular therapy on a weekly basis. The short, concentrated nature of our intensive marriage retreats gives you a convenient and relaxing way to get expert help along with time to practice what you’ve learned.

Retreat sessions are based in Burlington, Vermont, and are a great way to start working on your relationship in a practical, time-efficient way.